Web Calendars made Easy

you can embed this on your website
you can use it standalone, or via our app quality mobile web calendar
and customize it to match your website's style

Publish a web calendar or event list for your community

A calendar for your website

Use our simple tools to create a web calendar, pick a style and start adding events.

Then either embed it in your website or make it pop-up on demand when you click on a button or link. Learn more

A friendly mobile calendar

Our app-quality mobile web calendar has access to phone features like email and sms for event sharing.

Visit https://tockify.com/spirited on your phone to see an example.

Accept community submitted events

Become a hub for your community by letting them send you their events.

Simple event submission approval tools make managing a community calendar a breeze.

Event publishing for everybody

Publish and Share your community's events

We built Tockify to make it easy for everbody to tell their community about upcoming events.

If you run a website, write a blog, or manage a community that needs a home on the web, then Tockify is for you.

Delight your community with a fast and elegant web calendar that makes it easy for them to keep up with what's going on.

Who's using Tockify calendars?

Tockify powers club and church calendars, theatre, tv and radio schedules, company event guides, local area websites and more in over 50 countries around the world.

Our customers range from large international organizations to tiny groups who've never had presence on the web before.

We welcome them all.

Simple elegant web calendars

Fast and Intuitive

Speed is key to usability, so all of our tools are super-fast and highly responsive.

Tockify belongs to the latest generation of web-apps and doesn't make you wait around for pages to load like its 1999.

Share or Save Events

We make it easy to save events to your web calendar and to share them using social networks, email or sms.

Help your community spread the word about your events.

Repeating Events

Create daily, weekly or monthly events, then move or cancel particular repeats.

Do you have an event that repeats on the second and last Tuesdays of every month? No problem.

Create your web calendar today

Great tools to make your life easy

You don't need any technical knowledge to get started with Tockify. We've done the hard work to make managing your web calendar as easy as writing an email.

Our simple, snappy editor makes it easy to create events, move them around, set up repeating events, add maps and images, and accept RSVPs.

Customize it for your website

Using our customization tool you can pick colors that work for your website or group.

Our forthcoming premium plans will give you even more control over your web calendar's colors and appearance.